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Patient-centric Initiative

CaReMe is a patient-centric initiative to enable early diagnosis and interdisciplinary, integrated care of people living in the Cardio-Renal-Metabolic (CaReMe) risk continuum. Why? Because an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to CaReMe treatment has been shown to improve clinical outcomes, increase cost effectiveness and enhance both resource utilisation and patients’ overall treatment experience.

Our platform comprises six building blocks; all geared towards providing healthcare professionals with a wealth of practical tools and information, research and data, as well as experience and expert guidance. These resources are designed to promote and facilitate the adoption of an interdisciplinary, integrated and holistic approach to CaReMe treatment. Starting today.

“Treating CaReMe conditions individually isn’t just a headache for the doctor trying to coordinate all the patient’s care; it is also a headache for the patient, who has to spend so much time seeing so many different doctors. That’s why we need to treat CaReMe patients at integrated Clinics.” – Prof Jonas Spaak

But why?

CaReMe diseases are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality around the world, with each CaReMe condition increasing the risk of a patient developing yet another CaReMe condition. It’s a vicious cycle that cannot be stopped by addressing only one part of the problem.

According to research, more than 50% of type-2 diabetes-associated deaths are a result of cardiovascular disease. Around 40% of chronic kidney disease patients have type-2 diabetes, while a 2016 study published in Current Medical Research and Opinion showed that nearly 90% of people with diabetes have at least two underlying disorders.

Treating individual CaReMe conditions can lead to delayed diagnosis of other CaReMe conditions, which can lead to an increased risk of progression – not to mention an extremely frustrated patient who is left feeling disempowered as they shuffle from one specialist to the next.

Integrating the treatment of CaReMe conditions can avoid many of these (and many other) complications, enabling healthcare professionals to manage their patients – and patients to manage their conditions – more effectively than ever.

Data from the Haverty Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence, in the US, has shown that patients who receive integrated CaReMe treatment experience a significantly greater reduction in cardiovascular disease risk factors such as LDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, HbAc1 and weight. The use of guideline-directed medical therapies was also 20-fold higher in the group that received CaReMe treatment at this centre.

And it isn’t just a patient’s clinical outcomes that improve. Data from an integrated clinic in St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, has shown that CaReMe comorbidities incur significantly lower costs when treated in an interdisciplinary, integrated clinic – with a potential saving of $1 278 per patient every year.

The bottom line?

The CaReMe approach offers a new paradigm in the treatment of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic conditions. Adopting such an approach has been shown to improve clinical outcomes, save money, enhance resource utilisation, improve a patient’s treatment experience and empower patients to take better charge of their health.
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