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CaReMe Global Alliance

CaReMe is a patient-centric initiative to enable early diagnosis and interdisciplinary integrated care of people living in the CaReMe risk continuum to improve health outcomes.

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Did you know that an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to cardiovascular, renal and metabolic treatment improves clinical outcomes, increases cost effectiveness and enhances resource utilisation?

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The CaReMe Global Alliance

Join our global community of interdisciplinary, integrated care clinics.

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Share and

Access a wealth of information, research, experience and practical tools.

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Get expert advice and guidance on setting up your own CaReMe Clinic.

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Real World Evidence global registry

Analyse and benchmark your data using an established global registry.

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Interdisciplinary virtual clinic

Connect patients, healthcare professionals and payors on a single platform.

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Integrated risk score and prediction

Prevent future health complications and drive positive behavioural change.

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