Our 6 Building Blocks

Providing access to a wealth of research, data, tools and guidance - within a network of international experts

What we do

The CaReMe Global Alliance promotes a holistic, interdisciplinary and integrated Model of Care for the management of patients living in the Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic (CaReMe) risk continuum. Providing access to a wealth of research, data, tools and guidance, within a network of international experts – our platform is a powerful enabler for healthcare professionals and patients to work together and to improve health outcomes.

Our goal is to establish a community of interdisciplinary, integrated care clinics – on a global scale – that can help improve healthy outcomes, providing a new paradigm in the treatment of people living in the CaReMe risk continuum.

Our platform consists of six building blocks:

1. The CaReMe Global Alliance

The CaReMe community is a thriving and ever-growing network of interdisciplinary, integrated care clinics. Governed and guided by a highly experienced Executive Board, it is an alliance of centres dedicated to transforming Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic care from an approach that targets each condition individually, to one that treats all three comorbidities as one. Join our community if you are interested in adopting an interdisciplinary, integrated Model of Care for the treatment of CaReMe conditions.

2. Share and learn

Our platform is more than just a source of industry news and expert insight. It is also a practical and ever-evolving resource for healthcare providers interested in implementing an interdisciplinary Model of Care. Members of the CaReMe Global Alliance network have access to a wide range of practical tools, from personalised treatment strategies and models tailored to improve patients’ outcomes, to continuous feedback on quality-of-care metrics. The result? Better-managed patients who are more likely to make positive behaviour changes – and reap the health rewards.

3. The CaReMe DIY guide©

If you are interested in setting up a CaReMe Clinic – be it within your current practice, in a new space or entirely online – this practical implementation guide will help you kick-start the journey, providing you with the information and procedures you will need to get your facility up and running. With expert insight from several successful CaReMe Clinics around the world, it will be tailored to your specific needs and designed to improve not only your patient’s clinical outcomes, but also their overall treatment experience.

4. The Real World Evidence global registry

Every CaReMe Clinic has the opportunity to join the Real World Evidence global registry, taking part in specific evidence-generation projects based on clinical data from your current clinical practice. If integrated with your electronic medical records, you will also be able to collect and analyse your own data seamlessly. Designed to provide you with a dashboard to monitor your patient population and the trends of each individual’s quality of care metrics. This could serve as a valuable tool to improve patient care and clinical outcomes, leveraging reliable real-world clinical data that you can retrieve, benchmark and analyse.

5. The interdisciplinary virtual clinic

We encourage and support our CaReMe Members in implementing a comprehensive remote healthcare platform that links patients, primary care providers and specialists via a seamless interdisciplinary virtual clinic solution. Through continuous assessment of patients’ main vital signs, using wearable remote monitoring devices, the interdisciplinary virtual clinic facilitates easy, ongoing patient management and engagement, transferring healthcare from the hospital to the patient’s home.

6. Integrated risk score and prediction

Risk scores are becoming an increasingly important tool within clinical practice. Our vision is to leverage AI and integrated clinical data to define a unique health score tailored to the CaReMe comorbidities. In the meantime, we plan to ensure that the most relevant risk scores currently available are routinely adopted in the patient management and treatment personalisation. In this way, we can improve patient self-awareness and boost healthy behaviour changes.

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