Privacy Policy

CaReMe Privacy policy, developed February 22, 2024.

The CaReMe Global Alliance Trust (sometimes referred to as CaReMe GA, “us,” or “we”) acknowledges and values your concern for your privacy. We are dedicated to preserving your personal information and upholding your right to privacy. When we interact with you and gather data from you for the CaReMe GA’s use and benefit, we do so through the CaReMe Global Alliance website as well as through our external activities, like meetings, events, communications, etc. This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) explains how we handle and protect that data.

While sharing your personal information with us is not necessary, failing to do so may prevent the CaReMe GA from offering you our complete range of services or a positive user experience while using our websites, mailings, or solutions.

  1. Data manager
  2. How are your personal details collected?
  3. How and why do we use personal information about you?
  4. When it comes to gathering and using your personal data, what do we not do?
  5. Who may access the information about you? International data transfers and recipients.
  6. Safety
  7. How long do we retain your private information?
  8. What are your rights regarding data protection, and how can you use them?
    1. Your rights regarding data protection.
    2. How do you use your rights to data protection?
    3. How can I stop receiving notifications and mailings from The CaReMe GA?

1. Data manager
The CaReMe GA is the data controller or joint controller (similar terms may be used under applicable law), meaning that we decide how your personal data is collected, used, protected, disclosed, and disposed of. When we collect and process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we do so as authorised by applicable data privacy laws.

2. How are your personal details collected?
In the course of our business operations, the CaReMe GA obtains personal data from you and third parties directly.

As part of our regular business operations, the CaReMe GA gathers personal information about you:

  • When we communicate with one another about assessing, debating, and/or carrying out a Memorandum of Understanding about our cooperation on the CaReMe GA.
  • During your interactions with our website, including adjusting your cookie settings.
    When you register or sign in to a CaReMe GA user profile;
  • When you sign up to get notifications and bulletins from The CaReMe GA and when you engage with those services;
  • When you register for and take part in conferences and activities hosted by The CaReMe GA;
  • When you upload content in public spaces like discussion forums, bulletin boards, and The CaReMe GA social networking platforms;
  • When you take part in a CaReMe GA poll, panel discussion, or one-on-one conversation; or
  • Whenever you contact The CaReMe GA or its staff via phone, email, or on one of its websites with a query, information request, or other request for a response.
  • When you engage with any or all of the Executive Board members supervising the CaReMe GA, as well as other clinics or professionals who have already registered as members of the CaReMe GA.

In the course of our business operations, the CaReMe GA may also obtain personal information about you from other parties, such as data vendors and service providers. In the process of gathering personal data from third parties, we mostly use publicly accessible sources such as social media platforms, corporate websites, and other frequently used public sources. We make every effort to verify that the third party has obtained the information legally from the relevant sources and is permitted to share it with The CaReMe GA for the purposes specified in Section 3 below.

Sensitive personal information – We may also obtain sensitive personal information directly from you. For example, you may give us demographic or other personal information in response to a survey or panel discussion hosted by The CaReMe GA, or you may provide information to enable us to fulfil a specific request you may have for a conference or event. Only with your permission, unless there is another legal reason (such as public health needs), do we utilise sensitive personal data. We create reports and publications based on deidentified datasets when we gather and use sensitive personal data for statistical, research, and data analysis purposes.

To the extent that all such collection and use of personal data and sensitive personal data is consistent with this Privacy Policy and with the purposes and data access as described in section three below, we may combine personal data that we receive directly from you with personal data that we receive from third parties.

3. How and why do we use personal information about you?
Your personal data is used by the CaReMe GA for many purposes, some of which may involve combining data from other sources. The objectives for which we process your personal data, the types of personal data we use for each purpose, the legal bases for each data processing activity, and the individuals who have access to the personal data are all outlined in the overview below.

Taking care of our business partnership with you

The following is sent to you as an employee of a client of The CaReMe GA: proposals for institutional protocols, among other things, as well as information about our services and solutions.

  • Personal data categories include: name, pronouns, email address, location, and information pertaining to a work or career, such as position, title, or employer.
    • Justification for use: A valid need for the services being provided
    • The account on
    • Goal: By creating an account on the CaReMe GA website, you may access our application’s personalised content, newsletters, alerts, and an infinite number of articles to download.
    • Types of personal information: name, pronouns, password, and user ID
    • Legal foundation for use: Your agreement upon registration
  • Alerts and newsletters
    • Goal: By signing up for The CaReMe GA bulletins and alerts, you will receive information on CaReMe, management, and industry-specific topics.
    • User ID, pronouns, name, email address, and phone number are examples of categories of personal data.
    • Justification for use: A valid need for our services to be provided
  • Meetings and activities
    • Goal: Register for and handle your requests to take part in webcasts, conferences, and other events.
    • Types of personal information include name, pronouns, email address, location, and information pertaining to a job, position, employer, career, diet, or health to accommodate special needs, such as those involving disabilities, or permissions for audio and video content if we are taking images or videos.
    • Justification for use: We have a legitimate interest in giving you access to our conferences and events, and we rely on your consent—where needed by law—when registering for conferences and events and taking part in webcasts, audio or video, or other media activities.
  • Upkeep and provision of services at The CaReMe GA
    • Goal: Offer our clients our services and goods, including benchmarking products.
    • Personal data categories include: access information, email address, name for correspondence, preferences for using websites or apps, etc.
    • Justification for use legally: a genuine interest in advancing and defending The CaReMe GA, offering our services, and establishing and preserving connections
  • Data analytics and application security.
      • The purpose of collecting data from your usage of our websites, applications, and services is to monitor usage, analyse user activity, correct mistakes, and enhance the security and functionality of our websites, mobile applications, and services. For instance, information on the overall usage and browsing habits of some of our online applications are sent to The CaReMe GA.
      • Categories of personal data: aggregated information on mobile app usage and browsing behaviours, such as device type, articles viewed, and other occurrences inside our apps.
      • Justification for usage legally: a genuine desire to enhance functioning and guarantee the security of user information and our company
    • Promotional messaging
    • Goal: If you provide your consent while signing up for newsletters, events, and other similar activities, we may use your information to send you newsfeeds or updates about:
  • The CaReMe GA that are relevant to your interests. You always have the option to unsubscribe from those emails.
  • Personal data categories include name, email address, title, and company.
  • Legal justification for use: Your agreement when registering for events, newsletters, and related activities
  • The CaReMe GA only handles your personal data after determining the necessity, appropriateness, and legitimacy of the data-processing activity, provided that the legal basis is our legitimate interest.
  • We might not be able to offer you our whole range of services and a positive user experience if consent has been used as a legitimate basis for processing and you have withdrawn it.
  • When it comes to making decisions that could legally affect you or materially impair your rights and liberties, the CaReMe GA does not employ automated decision-making. Every automated processing operation is carried out under suitable human oversight and scrutiny.
  • Cookies and other tracking technologies used by the CaReMe GA. For the purpose of managing our websites and services and gathering usage statistics, the CaReMe GA may employ first- and third-party cookies in addition to other tracking technologies, such as web beacons. Information about whether you open or click any links in the messages we send you may be gathered by the CaReMe GA. Regarding our use of cookies and other tracking technology, you have choices.

4. When it comes to gathering and using your personal data, what do we not do?

We don’t obtain, utilise, or permit third parties to utilise deidentified data in order to identify or reidentify specific people. We undertake the following obligations in the event that we obtain deidentified data or convert personally identifiable information we have gathered into deidentified data:

  • Deidentified data will be kept in deidentified form by the CaReMe GA.
  • The CaReMe GA will not attempt to identify or reidentify specific individuals within a deidentified dataset or otherwise use deidentified data to attempt to associate specific individuals with individual characteristics, unless it is necessary to confirm that personal data has been transformed into deidentified data. Nor will it permit any entity or individual acting on The CaReMe GA’s behalf to do so.

If The CaReMe GA gives a non-recipient (like a service provider) access to or discloses a deidentified dataset in any other way, it will need that recipient agree to keep the data in its deidentified form and not try—or allow others to try—to identify or reidentify any specific individuals within the deidentified dataset or use deidentified data in any other way to try and associate specific individuals with individual characteristics.

5. Who may access the information about you? International data transfers and data recipients

In order to fulfil the specific business purposes for which the personal data were collected and to support our interactions with you, as well as in other cases as necessary to comply with applicable law, personal data collected in the course of The CaReMe GA business activities may be transferred and made available to The CaReMe GA entities, service providers, and third parties. For the above-mentioned business goals, the CaReMe GA company that gathers your personal data may grant access to and transfer your data to the following types of data recipients:

To all employees of The CaReMe GA throughout our company;

To the staff and service providers of The CaReMe GA;

To the legal and expert advisors of The CaReMe GA;

To outside parties under the following conditions:

  • Should we be compelled to comply by legislation or court order;
  • In response to a valid request from law enforcement or other government representatives;
  • while we feel that information sharing is required or appropriate to stop financial loss or bodily injury, or while investigating possible or confirmed illegal behaviour;
  • Should disclosure be required to safeguard an individual’s essential interests;
  • To safeguard our assets, offerings, and legal rights;
  • To stop fraud directed towards The CaReMe GA, our affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or business partners;
  • To support The CaReMe GA’s investigation into a real or suspected security problem, such as a breach involving personal or confidential data or a policy violation;
  • To assist with corporate governance, compliance, and auditing tasks;
  • To abide by all laws that may be relevant.
  • In the case of a reorganisation, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, or other transfer or disposition of all or any portion of our business, to a successor or other business entity.
  • The CaReMe GA complies with all applicable data transfer rules to safeguard personal data that is sent overseas. This includes adding necessary data transfer terms into our contracts with affiliates, subsidiaries, service providers, and other third parties.

6. Safety

In compliance with the relevant laws, this Privacy Policy, our privacy and data security policies, and the CaReMe GA, your personal data is protected and safeguarded globally. Taking into account the risks associated with the personal data and its processing, we employ generally accepted standards of technical and operational security to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. We also demand the same level of protection and safeguarding from our service providers, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Personal data is only accessible to authorised staff members and subcontractors of The CaReMe GA and our service providers; these parties are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of this information. However, The CaReMe GA cannot ensure that unauthorised individuals won’t be able to access your personal information despite these security measures.

7. How long do we retain your private information?

In order to fulfil our legal and contractual duties, The CaReMe GA only retains your personal data for as long as is required to achieve the business goals for which it was obtained and in accordance with The CaReMe GA’s data-retention policy. As soon as the aforementioned purposes are no longer relevant, we shall securely destroy your personal data in compliance with standard industry procedures.

Subject to our right to retain a copy of such data for the aforementioned objectives, The CaReMe GA will comply with applicable law and use reasonable efforts to remove all instances of your personal data upon request. Please see section 8 of this Privacy Policy for requests for access, rectification, or deletion (particularly in cases where the processing is based on your consent).

8. What are your rights regarding data protection, and how can you use them?

8.1. Your rights regarding data protection.

Regarding the personal information we gather about you, you have the following rights, subject to current law and its exceptions:

  • Right to inquire about the personal information we maintain on you, including details about its usage, who has access to it, and the circumstances under which third parties can access it;
  • The ability to get a copy of the personal information we currently have about you;
  • The opportunity to request data portability, which enables you to transfer your personal information to another controller and provide a copy of it in a structured, widely-used, and machine-readable format;
  • The right to request that your personal information be updated or corrected if it is incomplete, inaccurate, or not accurate for the purposes for which it is being used;
  • The ability to ask for your personal data to be deleted;
  • The ability to ask that we stop processing your personal data or to restrict or limit its processing;
  • The ability to revoke your consent for us to process your personal data when that consent is the legal basis for such processing;
  • The right to be free from discrimination for using your personal data as an individual;

8.2. How do you use your rights to data protection?

The Administrator’s email address is info[@] (omit the [ and ]).

You can use the following methods to exercise your rights under data protection with regard to your personal data:

  • Sending us an email at the aforementioned address with your request

8.3. How can I stop receiving notifications and mailings from The CaReMe GA?

Should you choose to stop receiving future email correspondence from The CaReMe GA and would like to stop receiving our newsletter or notifications, as well as invitations to surveys or events, you may unsubscribe by:

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