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As a member of the CaReMe Global Alliance, you have everything you need to set up and manage a highly successful, state-of-the-art interdisciplinary CaReMe clinic. Your membership status grants you access to the following exclusive resources and services, tailored to your specific requirements:

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($5 000)
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Access to the CaReMe Centres’ Private Network© and exclusive services
Access to the CaReMe Educational Platform©
Access to the CaReMe Clinic 3D Generator©
CaReMe DIY Guide© and CaReMe experts online support
Access to the certified CaReMe Preceptorship programme©
CaReMe Centre accreditation
Access to the CaReMe Clinical Research Network©
Access to special offers and up-to-date, prioritised technology, devices and tools tailored to the CaReMe model
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More about our resources & services

1. Access to the CaReMe Centres’ Private Network© and exclusive services

As a CaReMe Member, you are part of a global community that shares the same vision and experiences – and our online Chat Forum will allow you to collaborate and communicate with other members, as required.

Your membership package also includes a predesigned website and brochure pack (complete with your logo and Clinic details), which you can make available to patients and interested parties from day one. In addition to this, you will also receive a welcome pack that includes reviews of the latest medical technology and discounted opportunities to join scientific societies of interest around the world.

Depending on your membership level, you also gain access to a range of exclusive services, which will help you to visualise, develop and – ultimately – optimise your Clinic. Having partnered with a wide range of technology companies, we are able to offer exclusive information on cutting-edge CaReMe-relevant technology that will help you to improve your clinical and functional outcomes.

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2. Access to the CaReMe Educational Platform© 

Another exciting membership resource is our exclusive educational and training platform, which offers a variety of educational training modules related to the understanding and optimal management of CaReMe risk, and how to improve outcomes. Each module concludes with a short revision test, which you must pass in order to advance to the next module.

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3. Access to the CaReMe Clinic 3D Generator©

The CaReMe Clinic 3D Generator© creates a visual representation with the potential layout of your Clinic, making it easy for you to visualise how it could look and operate in practice. By asking a series of questions about your specific objectives, requirements, facilities and resources – the 3D Generator will produce a customised visual blueprint specific to your Clinic, transforming your idea into vision.

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4. CaReMe Clinic DIY Guide©

One of the key cornerstones of our offering is the CaReMe Clinic DIY Guide©; a practical, highly comprehensive handbook that will take you through every step of the process involved in launching your own CaReMe clinic.

Based on the best evidence from leading CaReMe clinics around the world, it is also completely customisable; using the data – supplied by you – to personalise the guide according to your specific needs.

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5. Access to the certified CaReMe Preceptorship programme©

As a Member of the CaReMe Global Alliance, you will be able to visit other Centres of Excellence – or receive visits from their experts – allowing you to learn from their experiences and benefit from their first-hand knowledge.

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6. CaReMe Centre accreditation

Based on pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Quality of Care (QoC) metrics – which is completely independent of your Membership level – your Clinic can be accredited by the CaReMe Global Alliance. A CaReMe accreditation will provide patients and healthcare professionals with an important indicator of the quality of care at your Clinic – based on an international, independent, third-party assessment – recognising you as a leader in CaReMe management within your local community.

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7. Access to the CaReMe Clinical Research Network©

Being part of the CaReMe Global Alliance will increase your Clinic’s exposure to the global research network, offering you additional opportunities to participate in relevant clinical trials. This applies to both Real World Evidence (RWE) and Randomised Clinical Trials (RCT), thereby increasing your involvement in scientific research and subsequent publications.

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8. Access to special offers and up-to-date technology, devices and tools prioritised to the CaReMe model

There is a huge, unmet need for early diagnosis and optimised treatment for patients living in the Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic risk continuum – where a full diagnosis is all-too-often deferred, resulting in suboptimal care and sudden, unexpected complications. It is now possible to automatise and democratise diagnosis of CaReMe conditions, leveraging new technologies and leading to improved patient outcomes.

The majority of patient management happens outside the Clinic and requires closer follow-up, which can be achieved using remote monitoring and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Use of these allows doctors to flag early identification of future events, improve adherence to treatment and increase patient confidence in their health status.

Whether it’s via a digital stethoscope, a handheld portable ultrasound machine, a smartwatch, an app-enabled glucose monitoring system or any point-of-care testing devices, remote monitoring is essential – and can be achieved with the use of the right technology. CaReMe Global Alliance members are supported in identifying the most advanced solutions, taking advantage of our extensive networks and powerful partnerships.

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