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As a non-profit organisation, the CaReMe Global Alliance relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to continue our independent work. An interdisciplinary, integrated Cardio, Renal and Metabolic Model of Care has been shown to improve outcomes, increase cost savings and enhance both resource utilisation and the patient’s treatment experience.

Having said that, the Global Alliance – and its novel approach to expanding the community of CaReMe clinics around the world – is still in its infancy. Your support can help us to grow faster and improve the lives of more people suffering from a combination of the debilitating CaReMe comorbidities.

You will be listed on our website accordingly, as you might like to be publicly acknowledged as a donor.

How to donate

Be it large or small, every donation makes a difference – and it only takes a few minutes to make an immediate payment online. You can use our secure payment gateway below or, if you prefer to make an electronic funds transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Did you know?


MILLION people worldwide die from cardiovascular disease annually1


MILLION people worldwide have chronic kidney disease2


MILLION adults worldwide have diabetes3


% of chronic kidney disease patients have type-2 diabetes4


% of type-2 diabetes-associated deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases5


% of people with diabetes have at least two comorbid conditions6

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